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In business today, execution of the details can mean the difference between success and a costly failure. The same is true for your corporate events. A poorly planned sales meeting or national convention could result in disaster for your company’s image.

MP Productions is an Arkansas based live event production company that knows cost control is extremely important when it comes to projecting a positive corporate image and building a powerful sales force. When it comes to communicating with your organization, you shouldn’t have to agonize over the details involved with using various production contractors. MP Productions offers turnkey production and convention services and specializes in a cost conscious approach to total event and convention management.

MP Productions is there to insure that every show or event is a success and is ready to help you produce your next event. Our clients continue to use our services show after show because we’ve built trusting relationships with them over the last 22 years. We can do the same for your company.

Trust MP to produce your next live event.

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Turn key production services

Let MP make your life easier by helping your events run smoothly.


Theme integration and branding
Scenic, graphic, lighting & audio design
PowerPoint & Keynote production
CAD drawings: Room layouts, seating & rigging plans
Fire Marshal and local ordinance approvals
Labor procurement and management
Heavy equipment procurement
Transportation Coordination

On Site Production

Crew and stage management
Show direction and rigging
Scenic installation
Lighting, audio and video equipment
HD video 422 ProRes recording
Multi-track audio recording
Special effects

Post Production

Review of labor charges
Follow up on heavy equipment
Audio & video post production
Review and analysis

Making you look great is what we do.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Our equipment

- Audio Equipment

Vertical Line Array:

JBL VT4888 & VRX932LA
Crown IT-HD9000 Digital Amplifiers

Sub Woofers:

JBL VT4882 & SRX 728
EAW SB1000
Crown IT-HD9000 Digital Amplifiers

Stage Monitors and Utility Speakers:

MP-152 Floor Wedges
Crown IT Amplifiers
Crown Macrotech Amplifiers
EV SRX250 Self Powered Monitors
FBT Jolly 15 Self Powered Monitors
FBT Jolly 5 Compact Backstage Monitor
Anchor AN1000 Compact Backstage Monitors
Shure PSM 900 Wireless In Ear / IFB Systems

Digital Audio Consoles:

Yamaha CL5 with DANTE Protocol
Digidesign Venue SC48
Yamaha PM 5D RH
Yamaha M7CL-48
Yamaha M7CL-32
Yamaha LS9-32
Yamaha O1V-96V2

DANTE Protocol Racks:

FOH Fiber optic Network/Server Racks
64 CH Yamaha RIO 3224D Interface Rack
32 CH Yamaha RIO 3224D Interface Rack
16 CH Yamaha TIO 1608 Interface Rack

Special Effects:

A Variety Special FX units with Compression and Noise Gates

Playback Systems:

360 Systems Instant Replay, CD, DAT, Mini Disc

Speaker Control Systems:

SMAART Live System Computer Control Lake Digital Speaker Management System with Wireless Tablet BSS Varicurve and Omnidrive System with Remote System Architechet Virtual Control w/ PC & Ipad Audio Distribution for Video, Dressing Rooms, Concourse, and Holding Areas



Shure Axient Digital Combo Systems with Antenna Distro and Computer Interface
Elements include KSM 9, Beta 58, Beta 57, WL184, WL185, E6 Headsets, DPA Headsets


A wide variety of microphones including: 12” & 18” Podium Mics, and PZM’s Complete Microphone packages for Musical Entertainment


Clear Com Freespeak II Digital Wireless Com
4 channel Clear Com Systems with Single and 2ch Belt Packs
Lightweight Headsets, Single Muff Headsets, Double Muff Headsets


- Video equipment


Ask Mike about the new Blackmagic 8K
40 input - 24 output 4ME HD-UHD-8K/SDI System

Ross Carbonite 24 input 2ME HD/SDI System
Panasonic AV-HS450 16 input HD/SDI System
Spyder X20 video processor


HD/SDI Engineering and Monitoring Racks
Component Engineering and Monitoring Racks

Camera Systems:

Hitachi Z-HD5000-ST Fiber optic HD studio camera package
Sony DXC D50 WSL with Triax CCU and fpl Studio Kits
Cannon Super E-47 Long Focus Lens
Fujinon Broadcast lens
Canon Broadcast lens
Cartoni S519 150mm Tripod
Cartoni S421 100mm Tripod
Cartoni Dollys

Record and Playback:

Aja Ki Pro hard disk recorders w/ trayless drive enclosures
Pioneer PRV LX1 Dual DVD Recorder w/ Hard Drive
Macbook Pro Playback w/ Playback Pro
Mackbook Pro Playback w/ AJA TV


Spyder X20 video processor
HES Catalyst Media Server with 4 outputs
Folsom Image Pro HS Scan Converters
Martox Convert DVI
Folsom Image Pro SDI Scan Converters
Sony DSC-1024HD Scan Converter
Sony DSC-1024G Scan Converter
Macbook Pro Graphics Computers

Projection and Display:

Barco HDX W20 Flex
EIKI LC-X80 6.5K
4:3 front and rear projection screens from 7.5'×10' to 15'×20'
16:9 front and rear projection screens from 5.5'×10' to 20'×35.5'
LED & LCD monitors from 19" to 70"
Ultra-wide & ultra-large screens available. Ask about CUSTOM SIZES!

LED Display:

400 - Lightking RX2 Panel 500mmx500mm at 2.8mm pixel pitch (176 x 176)
Fly Bars and Ground Support Systems


- Lighting equipment

Lighting Control:

HOG 4 w/Playback Wing
ChamSys Magic Q MQ80
HOG Full Boar w/ Playback Wing
Flying Pig Systems Road Hog w/monitors
Avolites Pearl 2008 w/ monitors
CAE LP-624


ETC SENSOR 48ch Touring Racks
ETC SENSOR 24ch Racks
ETC SENSOR 12ch Racks

Power Distribution:

Complete distro for Moving lights, LED’s and Practicals

LED Lighting Fixtures:

Chauvet Ovation F-265WW 8” Fresnel
Chauvet Ovation E260WW with HD Zoom Lens
Chauvet Ovation C-805FC Cyc Light
Chauvet Color Baton Tour
Showline Nitro 510C Full Color wash Light
ETC Source 4 ER in 10 deg thru 50 deg
Stage Right RGBAW+UV LED Par
Chauvet Strike 4 Blinder lights
Chauvet Color Dash Par

Moving Lights:

Chauvet ROGUE R3 Wash
Chauvet ROGUE R2 Wash
Chauvet ROGUE R2 Spot
Chauvet MK Pyxis
Chauvet Maverick MK1 Spot
Chauvet Rouge RH1 Hybrid Spot
Robe Colorwash 1200 AT
Robe Color Spot 1200AT

Special Effects:

Chauvet Vesuvio
Look Solutions Unique Hazer
LeMaitre Radiance Hazer
DF 50 Hazer
F100 Fog Machines
Dry Ice Low Fog
Cold Spark Machines
Rope Lights
Festoon Lights


- Set/Rigging equipment

Rigging - Truss:

TOMCAT 26” x 30” 93” PRT
TOMCAT 20.5” x 20.5” with Corners, Base plates, and Climbing Blocks
TOMCAT 12&rdquo x 12” with Corners, Base plates, and Hinges
TOMCAT 20’ ID Cricle Truss in 6 pieces
2-Tomcat 12” x 15’ OD Circle Truss in 4 pieces
2-Tomcat 12” x 10’ OD Circle Truss in 4 pieces
Various Outriggers, “T” Bars


CM 1-Ton Hoist w/ 85’ lift
CM 1-Ton Hoist w/ 60’ lift
CM ½ -Ton Hoist w/ 85’ lift
Genie ST 25 Crank Lift
Tomcat Truss Support Upright System

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hours: 9am - 5pm | monday - friday


Mike Pope

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direct: +1 (501) 258-1508


Tom Harris
Dir., Business Development

email: tom@mpprod.com
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Scott Thompson
Dir., New Technology

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